When I interpret, I transmit the speaker's emotions as well as their words.

I respect the people who have given their time and energy to express their thoughts to one another and who need my services to be able to do so. I am fully conscious of the significance of my function.

I provide simultaneous, consecutive and whispering (chuchotage) interpretation services during conferences, bilateral governmental meetings, business meetings, factory audits, seminars, technical workshops, field visits - anywhere you need to get a message across.

Some definitions:

Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreter reformulates the speaker's

message into the target language at the very same time (simultaneously)

it's being delivered.

The interpreter typically works from a soundproof booth for optimal acoustics.

However, on occasion, they might use portable equipment without a booth,

known as a "bidule."

Consecutive interpretation: The interpreter is in the same room as the speaker and follows their speech while taking notes, rendering the speech in its entirety once the speaker has finished. In a longer speech the speaker makes pauses to allow the interpreter to render what was said into the target language.

This kind of interpretation is suitable for scientific and technical presentations given by a single speaker, or in meetings where only a small number of languages are spoken, since it makes the meeting longer (definition provided by AIIC).

Whispering is an interpreting mode whereby the interpreter is seated next to one or two meeting participants and whispers the interpretation of the speech. This mode is used mainly when only very few people need interpretation. 

I can work on-site, over the phone or via VRI (Video Remote Interpreting - via Zoom and other platforms).


Governmental, politics, international organisations:

NATO Military Council meetings EN>TR 

NATO Ministers of defense meetings EN>TR

Bilateral meeting between Turkish and French ministers of defence TR<>FR 

Turkish President's meeting with Belgian Prime Minister FR>TR 

Delegation visits (Turkish ministries, opposition groups, CSOs…) to EU, Belgian institutions and think tanks


Numerous study visits of Turkish immigration institutions to Belgian counterparts TR<>FR, EN 

Eurojust Coordination meetings EN<>TR

TAIEX seminars, workshops (decentralisation, corruption, judiciary, appellations of origin, cybercrime...) EN<>TR

Belgo-Turkish Social Security Negotiations TR<>FR

Automotive EN>TR

New product launches and world dealership events for:




Castrol Oil - Koeingisegg

Medical EN>TR

CNE International Cystinosis Conference

Hospital Disinfection (Laboratoires Alios, ATI)

The Treatment Landscape for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes – Today and Tomorrow (Just Health Ltd.)



Series of literary conferences at the Yunus Emre Foundation TR>FR

Musical Instruments of Turkish Tasavvuf (Yunus Emre Foundation) TR>FR

Literary events at Passa Porta International House of Literature TR>EN

Technical and other

5-day technical study visit on Road Infrastructure Safety Management and the implementation of Directive 2008/96/EC



3 weeks at a medical equipment factory, interpreting between French and Singaporean workers EN<>FR


4-day study visit to French Ministry of Ecological Transition, INERIS, different French factories for the project on "Determination of Industrial Emissions Strategy of Turkey in Accordance with Integration Pollution and Control" EN, FR<>TR


3 weeks at a stainless steel factory, interpreting between Turkish and French workers and administrative personnel, installation of a new line and training TR<>FR


5-day training on laser engraving TR<>EN


5-day technical audit of a French veterinary vaccine factory by the Turkish state TR<>FR


Meeting between Turkish and Belgian diamond dealers TR<>EN


Meeting between TR agricultural engineer & wheat seed company TR<>FR     


World Coal Conference EN>TR


Galatasaray – Anderlecht football match, pre- and post-game interviews TR<>FR